Builders Cleans

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Work With Professional Cleaners

Mel’s Cleaning in provides a wide range of affordable cleaning services. We provide residential and commercial services in Christchurch, Canterbury, and neighbouring areas. With our help, rest assured that your properties will always be well-maintained.

Builders Cleaning

Our team can perform the following tasks:

  • Clean Windows Inside and Out
  • Clean Door and Window Joineries
  • Clean Ranch Sliders and Doorways
  • Dust Walls, Doors, Door Hardware, Skirtings and Sills and Wipe Them With Citrus Cleaner
  • Clean Kitchen and Appliances
  • Clean Entire Rooms Including Bathrooms and Garages
  • Clean Tiled Areas
  • Clean, Vacuum and Mop Floor Areas
  • Clean Laundry and Remove All Stickers and Labels

Products and Equipment We Use

  • Dust Extraction Vacuum – Removes Dirt and Debris
  • Citrus Cleaner – Cleans and Deodorises
  • Furniture Polish – Makes Wooden Surfaces and Other Furnishings Shiny
  • Brasso – Restores the Shine of Brass Surfaces
  • Window Cleaner – Cleans Windows and Mirrors
  • White Sponge Cleaners – Removes Stains or Marks from Walls Without the Use of Chemical Pads
  • Industrial Strength Cleaner – Cleans Floors and Linoleum
  • Jif – Used for Bathroom, Toilets, Kitchens, and Other Surfaces

Service Rates

Rates start at $2.00 per square meter. If required, payment for our services may also cover fees for travel and rubbish removal.